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Last Updated: Aug 06, 2013 12:33PM CDT

We're really glad you're using NoteSuite! We created NoteSuite to be an "end-to-end" solution -- a single place where you can save, track, and work on the things that matter to you. 

As importantly, NoteSuite leaves you in control of your data. NoteSuite stores your data locally, using the cloud for backup and syncing. This way, you never have to worry about your notes service getting shut down, getting locked out of your account, or paying extra to access your notes offline.

NoteSuite has two modules

The Notes Module is where you create notes, take photos, record audio and store files (such             as Word docs, PDFs, and web clips).

The To-do Module is where you track due dates and priorities.

The Notes and To-do Modules are completely integrated. This way, you can easily attach notes and documents to any to-do, or add things you're typing in a note directly to a to-do with one tap.

Organizing Your Files

The directory shows all your notes, documents, and web clips. Switch tabs to see to-dos.

Files: See all your notes and documents. You can see all of them together, organize these files by folders or tags, or jump between your most recent notes.

To-dos: Manage all your to-do lists and projects. See the Help file called “Manage To-do Lists.”

Settings: Adjust NoteSuite settings and get help.

Sorting Control: Manually re-arrange files in any order by choosing “Custom”. Or view the content of any directory by date or title. Once you tap on "Date”, NoteSuite lets you choose whether to sort by Created Date or Modified Date.

Edit: Move files between folders and delete files. If you’ve chosen “Custom” in the Sorting Control, tap the Edit button to re-arrange the order of your files by dragging the handles next to each file name.

The Toolbar

Most of the tools you’ll need are located in the toolbar at the top of notes and to-do lists.

Directory: See a list of all your files and to-do lists.
Back: View the previous note or to-do list.
Undo: Tap to undo. Hold to redo.
Tags: Assign tags to a note or document.

Sketch: Write notes by hand or sketch.
Text: Type notes with a keyboard.
Shapes: (PDF only) Draw shapes on a PDF.

Insert: Get email and add images, files, and web pages to your directory or notes.
Search: Find words or phrases in the active note, PDF, Word doc, or Powerpoint. 
TIP: This button also has a "Related" option that automatically finds all your notes and documents that have similar content as the note or document you're viewing.

Share: Email, print, or upload a note or a file.
New: Create a new note or to-do list.
TIP: The Quick To-do lets you create a to-do in your natural words, and you can include a date, if you’d like. Just type something like “Buy concert tickets 3 weeks from Thursday” or “Marketing Plan due two weeks from tomorrow.” NoteSuite puts this new to-do in your All To-dos list and Inbox 

Next Steps

Be sure to check out the additional help files for information about creating notes, managing to-dos, annotating PDFs and other kinds of documents, importing web pages, and emailing documents and to-dos to your notebook.

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