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Last Updated: Aug 06, 2013 01:46PM CDT
Write on the Writing Board to shrink your handwriting so it fits better on each page. The Writing Board is available whenever you enter Sketching mode.

You can open the Writing Board by tapping the 
Writing Board button.
The Writing Board advances automatically as you write so you can write continuously across each page and from line to line.

NoteSuite shrinks your handwriting into a Destination Box on the page. As you write near the right edge of the Writing Board, a green box will appear on the left edge. Write in this green box to cause the Destination Box to advance automatically on the page.

As you near the edge of a page, the Destination Box will advance to the next line automatically.
Move the Destination Box by dragging it where you'd like. This is where the next things you write in the Writing Board will be placed on the page.

Keep Your Handwriting and Text Together
NoteSuite automatically pins your handwriting to nearby typing, so they stay together as you edit your text. You can move the text line to which your handwriting is pinned by selecting the Text button in the toolbar, tapping on your handwriting (which selects it), and dragging the pin where you'd like it to go.

Editing Handwritten Notes
NoteSuite automatically converts your handwriting into image files, so they can be moved, re-sized, annotated, and linked to typed text. To edit something you wrote earlier by hand, select the Text button in the toolbar, tap on your handwriting, and select the "Edit" button from the pop-up menu.
Alternatively, if you handwrite nearby existing handwriting or sketches, NoteSuite will try to combine all the nearby handwriting and sketches into a single image.

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