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Drawing and Sketching

Last Updated: Aug 06, 2013 03:00PM CDT

Enter Drawing/Sketching mode by tapping the Pen icon in the main toolbar.
NoteSuite automatically converts each sketch into an image once you're done drawing, so it can be moved, resized, or connected to nearby text. This allows drawings and handwriting to stay together with your text while the text is edited.

Use NoteSuite's Sketching ability to draw, diagram, and handwrite on pages alongside your text. This can be useful for annotating your notes, capturing diagrams in a lecture, brainstorming, and exploring ideas visually.

Sketching with NoteSuite's digital ink feels like writing with a real, pressure-sensitive pen on paper. The thickness of the lines you draw varies depending on the speed and intensity of your gestures.

Full Screen

You can hide the Sketching palette either by tapping again on the Sketching button, or by using your finger to swipe it away. You can also get rid of the toolbar by swiping your finger on it, as well, so you have a clutter free page on which to draw.

Zoom Into Your Sketch

 Use a pinching gesture to zoom in and out of sketches.

Scroll While Sketching
 To scroll the page while sketching, swipe up or down with two fingers simultaneously.
You'll notice that some images and sketches are disabled when you scroll. An image or sketch must fit entirely on the screen for it to be edited. To edit an image that has become disabled, either scroll the page so the entire image fits on the screen, or resize the image by selecting the Text button, selecting the image, and pinch-squeezing it.

Change Line Thickness

The thickness of the lines you draw will vary depending on the speed and intensity of your gestures. Set the thickness of your pen with the Pen Thickness selector.

Change Pens

The three built-in pens each have their own style. Experiment with them to see what works best for you in different situations.


Change Colors
NoteSuite displays a palette of seven colors at a time. Tap any of these colors to change the pen color. Tap the arrow adjacent to the colors to display a menu with additional color palettes.

Fine-tune any of these colors by moving the Opacity slider. Adjusting the opacity of colors is a great way to create variation and beauty in your sketches.

Also, feel free to blend colors on top of each other -- especially after adjusting the opacity of these colors.



The Scissors tool lets you cut out part of your drawing and move it elsewhere. After selecting the Scissors tool, draw a circle around the part of your drawing you'd like to cut out. Then, drag the region you've cut elsewhere by tap-and-dragging anywhere within the cut region.
You can also cut, copy, or delete the region you've cut by choosing Cut, Copy, or Delete from the pop-up menu. To paste something you've cut elsewhere, press and hold your finger where you'd like to paste. Then, choose Paste from the pop-up menu.

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