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Last Updated: Jun 24, 2013 05:50PM CDT
There are three ways to clip content from the web into NoteSuite:
1. Import from Safari
Whenever you come across a web page you'd like to save while browsing in Safari on your iPad, clip it to NoteSuite by using the steps below.
NoteSuite will import these web pages into your notebook as fully searchable notes pages, with both text and images located within the article text. It will also clean up the clutter on these pages when it imports them, so you get a nice easy-to-read article. If the article extends to multiple web pages, NoteSuite will also try to grab all the pages when it clips the article.
Just follow these steps once you find a web page in Safari you'd like to clip:
a. Tap the Share button while browsing in Safari
b. Choose "Copy"
c. Close Safari and open NoteSuite
d. Tap "Import"

Articles vs. Full Pages
When importing, NoteSuite lets you choose whether you'd like to clip the page as an Article or Full Page.
If you're clipping something you'd like to read, tap "Article." This will clip the web page into a clean reader-like format with the clutter stripped out and grab all the pages in multi-page articles.
If syncing is enabled, NoteSuite will automatically sync your web clips with NoteSuite running on other devices. However, NoteSuite must be open on your Mac for this syncing to occur.
If you choose "Full Page," NoteSuite will grab all of the content on the page. This is great for shopping and recipe sites, where you want to be sure to grab all the images, prices, and other elements. NoteSuite can search all the content on these pages, as well.
2. Sync with NoteSuite on Mac
NoteSuite for Mac includes extensions for Safari, Chrome, and Firefox that let you clip web pages directly from these browsers into NoteSuite without leaving your web browser. Further, NoteSuite cleans these pages of clutter, combines multiple web pages into one article, and they will become fully searchable notes pages with both text and graphics.
If you've turned on syncing, these pages will show up in NoteSuite on your iOS device automatically.
3. Import from Instapaper or Pocket
Instapaper and Pocket are services that let you clip web pages by installing bookmarklets in your browser. If you've clipped any articles through Instapaper or Pocket, you can import them into NoteSuite as fully searchable notes pages.
To import web pages from Instapaper or Pocket, choose "Import" from the Insert menu and then pick either Instapaper or Pocket.

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