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Creating and Editing Notes

Last Updated: Jun 25, 2013 02:10PM CDT
NoteSuite for Mac lets you combine typing, photos, audio recordings, and to-dos together on any notes page. Create a new note by clicking the New Document button in the main toolbar, entering a title, and then pressing either the Return or Tab button on your keyboard to begin writing your note. 

Outlining and Lists
  • Click the Bullets or Checkbox buttons in the toolbar to create a list.
  • Press the Tab button on your keyboard to create sub-lists under any bullet or checkbox. Hold down the Shift and Tab buttons together to out-dent (move the bullet to the left).
  • Rearrange items in any list by clicking the bullet mark (or checkbox) and dragging it where you'd like it to go.
Expand and contract sub-lists by tapping the adjacent triangles. This lets you hide distractions and focus on the parts of the list you're working with at the moment. 

Images and Photos

Place images anywhere in a note by choosing "Attach File" from the Add button in the toolbar, "Import" from the File menu, pasting an image you've copied from elsewhere, or dragging the image from the desktop or another application. 

NoteSuite lets you choose four ways text can wrap around an image you've placed in a note:
  • Inline: This keeps the image anchored to a paragraph of text, so it moves up and down the page with the paragraph as the note is edited.
  • Square: This wraps the text around all four sides of an image.
  • Behind: This anchors the image to the page, so you can type and sketch on top of it.
  • Keep with Text: This pins the image to typed text nearby, so it stays together while text is edited.

Create To-dos

Instantly add anything to your to-do lists while taking notes by clicking the Make To-do button. This allows you to create to-dos quickly and without distraction in meetings and lectures.
Feel free to include sub-lists within your note when making a to-do. NoteSuite will copy all of it to your to-do lists. 

Record Audio

Record audio while taking notes by selecting "Show Audio Tools" from the Add button in the toolbar or the View menu. Begin recording by clicking the Record button. 
NoteSuite synchronizes your audio recordings with each line of your notes, so it's easy to jump to a specific place in your recording. You can also add multiple recordings within a single note. Each additional recording is added to the end of the existing recordings. 

Clicking the Speaker icon on a page will cause whatever you recorded to begin playing back from the place in your audio recording that corresponds with what you were typing.

Highlighting and Strike-through

Highlight or strike-through any text by selecting it and then right-clicking. This menu will include options to highlight or auto-correct your text. 

Spell Checking and Auto-Correct

NoteSuite tries to correct misspelled words while you type. If a misspelled word is not automatically corrected, it will underline it in red. Right-click on the misspelled word to see a list of suggestions. 
The Auto-correct system can be turned off in your Mac's system settings. Spelling suggestions can be turned off in NoteSuite's Preferences menu. 

Change Fonts 

Apply a wide variety of fonts, sizes, styles, and colors to any text. Or, create font presets that apply a mixture of attributes together. 

Create a New Note

Create a new note by choosing "New Note" from the New Document menu.
Create a title for your note by typing the name in the title header at the top of the note. Move from the title into a note by pressing Return on your keyboard or just clicking anywhere in your note.

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