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Last Updated: Jun 25, 2013 02:10PM CDT
Record audio while taking notes by selecting "Show Audio Tools" from the Insert button on the toolbar or the View menu.
NoteSuite synchronizes your audio recordings with each line of your notes, so it's easy to jump to a specific place in your recording. You can also add multiple recordings within a single note. Each additional recording is added to the end of the existing recordings.

To begin recording, tap the Record button in the Audio Tools toolbar.

As you type notes while recording, you'll see that NoteSuite places a speaker icon within your notes each time you start typing a new paragraph.

Press the Stop button once you're done recording. 

If you later decide you'd like to record more audio within this note, click the Record button again. NoteSuite will add this recording to the end of your previous recording. 

To play back a recording, either press the Play button in the Audio Recordings toolbar, or click a speaker icon within your note. As you're playing back your recording, move the progress slider forward or backward to the exact spots you desire to play back, or press the speaker icon in your notes to jump to the audio that was recorded while you typed that part of your notes. 

To delete your audio recording, click the Trash button in the Audio Recordings toolbar. If you've recorded multiple times within a note (by hitting the Stop button and then recording again), deleting a recording will only delete your most recent recording. 

Close the Audio Tools toolbar by tapping the Close button at the right edge of the toolbar.

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