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Last Updated: Jun 25, 2013 02:43PM CDT
Often, the best way to get big things done is to break them down into smaller pieces. It's a lot easier to tackle big to-dos once they're a list of the specific actions needed to get them done. NoteSuite makes it really easy to break any individual to-do into a sub-list of to-dos. 

It's also helpful to see each to-do within the context of its larger project. So, NoteSuite's to-do lists work just like outlines. In most views, you can indent, outdent, rearrange to-dos, and close and expand your outlines at will. 

NoteSuite calls your projects "Lists." Within each List is a "Sub-list" of to-dos. 

There are two ways to create projects and lists: 
  1. Choose "New To-do List" from the New Document menu.
  2. Press either the Indent keyboard button or "Create Sublist" button on the toolbar.

Clicking either turns the item above it into a project, allowing you to enter a sub-list of to-dos for the project. You can also create sub-lists inside your sub-lists the same way. 

You Can't View To-dos by Project in All Views

You can't press the Indent button while you're viewing the Today, This Week, or Next Action lists, or while you're viewing a list by date, tag, or person. By definition, these views must list to-dos by individual item, not by project. (For example, items within a sub-list get separated naturally when viewed by due date.) 

If you'd like to create a sub-list for any to-do while in one of these views, just click the "Create Sublist" button in the toolbar. NoteSuite will then give you a new view, where you can create your sub-list for any to-do. 

Narrowing Your Focus

Clicking the disclosure triangle next to the project or sub-list name will contract the items within the sub-list, allowing you to zoom out to see the big picture, or zoom in to see all the details.

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