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Last Updated: Jun 25, 2013 02:47PM CDT
There are three ways to clip web pages into NoteSuite: 

NoteSuite's Web Clipper

Installing NoteSuite's Web Clippers in your favorite browser is very quick, and it makes it possible to save clutter-free versions of web pages directly into your notebook as fully searchable notes pages. 

If the article you're clipping extends to multiple web pages, NoteSuite will usually grab all of the pages when it clips the article. Everything you clip is saved in your notebook, so it's available offline. And, nothing runs through our web servers, so what you save is completely private. 

If syncing is enabled, NoteSuite will automatically sync your web clips with NoteSuite running on other devices. However, NoteSuite must be open on your Mac for this syncing to occur. 

NoteSuite includes Web Clippers for Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. 

The NoteSuite Web Clipper places a button in your browser's toolbar. When you click it, NoteSuite gives you three ways to clip the web page: 

1. Clip Article 

Clip Article cleans the clutter on web pages and combines multi-page articles into one so you get a nice, reader-style web article that is saved in your notebook and available offline. 

2. Clip Full Page 

Clip Full Page clips all the content from the web page. This is perfect for shopping sites, recipes, and other sites where you want to keep all the images, prices, and content. Pages clipped with this option are still fully searchable, and all the content is saved in your notebook so it's available offline. 

3. Clip Selection 

Use Clip Selection when you only wish to clip specific text or images. There are two ways to select parts of a web page: Click and drag over the text or images you'd like to clip before clicking on the NoteSuite web clipper button in your browser. Or, after you've clicked the NoteSuite web clipper button, use your arrow keys to select the part of the page you'd like to clip. 


If the page you clip is a PDF file, NoteSuite will save the PDF in your notebook. Like other PDFs, it can then be searched and synced with NoteSuite on other devices. 

Installing the Web Clipper 

The NoteSuite Web Clipper consists of two components: An extension that installs in your web browser, and a web page receiver for your Mac that gets these web pages from your browser and sends them to your NoteSuite notebook. You must install both components for web clipping to work properly. 

If you decided not to install the web clipping capability when you initially installed NoteSuite, you can do so now by choosing "Install Web Clipping Software" from the General tab in NoteSuite's Preferences. This only installs the web page receiver. You must also install NoteSuite's web clipping extension in your favorite Internet browser. 

Web clipping extensions can be installed directly from the NoteSuite website at Keep in mind that you must have checked "Install Web Clipping Software" in the NoteSuite preferences for these browser extensions to work properly. 

Sync with NoteSuite for Other DevicesIf you've turned on Syncing in NoteSuite, any web clips you clipped with NoteSuite on other devices will sync automatically with your Mac. 

Import from Instapaper or PocketInstapaper and Pocket are services that let you clip web pages by installing bookmarklets in your browser. If you've clipped any articles through Instapaper or Pocket, you can import them into NoteSuite as fully searchable web pages. 

To import web pages from Instapaper or Pocket, choose "Cloud Services" in NoteSuite's Preferences and enter your account information. Then, whenever you'd like to import a web page from Instapaper or Pocket, either click the Add button in the main Notes toolbar or choose "Import" from the File menu.

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