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Last Updated: Jun 25, 2013 03:06PM CDT
Every NoteSuite folder is an "Active Folder." Besides placing notes and documents inside the folder, you can also have NoteSuite add files automatically based on search criteria you create. This is a quick way to have NoteSuite organize all your notes and documents automatically. 

The files NoteSuite adds to Active Folders from your search criteria are actually just pointers to the real files. This way, the same file can appear to be in multiple folders simultaneously. Files NoteSuite has added to the folder are shown in italics. NoteSuite lists these files with the ones it thinks are the most relevant on top. 

Create a new folder by clicking the New Folder button in the directory. This button is only visible when you're currently viewing "Folders." This opens the New Folder dialog. 

Add Files to Folders Automatically

To have NoteSuite add files to a folder automatically, turn on "Also show files that match a search." Then, enter your search term, just like you would in a Google or Bing search bar, and choose whether you want NoteSuite to find only those files that contain all the words in your search term or any of the words. 

TIP: Search for exact phrases by putting quotes around them. Exclude notes and documents containing a particular word or phrase by putting a minus sign immediately before the word or phrase. 

Move Files Between Folders

​To move files from one folder to another, click the Place button that appears next to any file that is selected. Then, choose the destination for the file. 

Files can be in only one folder at a time, unless they're placed in a folder automatically through the search criteria described above.

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