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Last Updated: Jun 25, 2013 03:08PM CDT
Tags let you group information together. The advantage of tags over folders is that you can assign multiple tags to a note, document, or to-do, allowing you to organize each item multiple ways.

NoteSuite's tags are shared across your notes, documents, and to-dos. This lets you gather all your information about a particular subject together in one place. For example, a salesperson might organize items by customer, allowing all notes, documents, and to-dos related to the customer to be viewed together. 

Creating Tags

Tags can be created two ways: 

1. Tags Bar 
When working with a note, click the Tags button in the toolbar. This opens the Tags Bar, which allows you to select an existing tag or create a new tag. To create a new tag, just type the name of the tag in the Tags Bar. You can have multiple words in a tag. Separate multiple tags with commas. 

2. New Tags Menu 
While "Tags" is selected in your directory, click the New Folder icon to create a new tag. Using this method also lets you attach contact info to your tag, if you'd like. This is helpful if your tag is a person or place. 

Assigning Tags to Notes and Documents 

When viewing a note or document, click the Tags button in the main toolbar to assign tags. This opens the Tags Bar, allowing you to create new tags or assign existing tags to the note or document. 

There are two ways to assign existing tags to a note or document from the Tags Bar:As you begin typing, NoteSuite will display a popover containing tags that match the words you're typing. Just click on the tag you'd like to assign.
Press the Tags List button on the right corner of the Tags Bar to display a list of all your tags. Click on the one you'd like to assign.You can assign many tags to a note or document. Each tag can have multiple words. Separate multiple tags with commas. 

Viewing Notes and To-dos by Tag 

To view notes and documents by tag, click the Tags option at the top of the Notes directory. Then, select the tag you'd like to view. NoteSuite will display all your notes, documents, and to-dos with this tag together.

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