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Last Updated: Jun 25, 2013 03:16PM CDT
Notes and Documents

To send any note or document via email, choose "Email Note" from the File menu. NoteSuite lets you send your notes as plain text, HTML, or PDF. Non-note documents will be sent in their original format. 

NoteSuite sends emails through your computer's default email program. (NOTE: To send email from NoteSuite, you must already have an active email account set up for your computer.) 

If the note you'd like to email contains images, sketches, or special text formatting, choose the PDF format to preserve these images and formatting. 

If you're just sending text, and would like to preserve bullets in an outline, choose "HTML." 

If you don't have any formatting or images within your note, you may prefer to send it as plain text, since this is the format that is most efficient and compatible. 


There are two ways to email a to-do:
  1. Choose "Email To-do" from the File menu. This option lets you email either the selected to-do or an entire to-do list.
  2. Assign the to-do to someone else

Email a to-do to someone by assigning them the to-do through the Assign feature (see below), and checking the "Email To-do" button in the Assign popover. 

If they also use NoteSuite, you can email the to-do directly to their NoteSuite to-do list by entering their NoteSuite email address in the email field of their contact info in NoteSuite (see below).

Assign To-dos to Others 

To assign a to-do to another person:
  1. Select the to-do you'd like to assign by clicking on its name in any to-do list.
  2. Click the Assign button for the to-do. This opens the Assign popover.
  3. Click in the "Assign to:" box.

NoteSuite now gives you the option to set up a New Person, or assign the to-do to any of the people you've already set up within NoteSuite. 

Setting Up New People 

After clicking the "Assign to:" box within the Assign popover, click on "New Person" to give NoteSuite the info it needs to know about people to whom you will assign to-dos. 

If you'd like to keep track of contact info, such as email addresses, for people to whom you will assign to-dos, click the "Attach Contact Info" checkbox. 

If the person you'd like to set up is already in your device's Contacts address book, click the "Import Contact" button. This allows you to import their email address, address, phone number, and other info. (Note: If this person later changes contact info after you've imported it into NoteSuite, you will need to edit these changes within NoteSuite after their contact info has changed.) 

If the person for whom you are importing contact info has multiple email addresses, phone numbers or addresses, NoteSuite will import the first entry for each. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: If the person to whom you are assigning a to-do also uses NoteSuite, you can email this to-do directly to this person's NoteSuite to-do list by entering this person's NoteSuite email address in the email field. 

If the person you'd like to set up is not already in your device's address book, enter their contact info in the spaces provided. 

Once you're finished, click the Create button. 

Assigning the To-do 

After creating a new person, NoteSuite will display a list of all the people you've set up within NoteSuite. Click the name of the person to whom you would like to assign the to-do. 

Emailing the To-do 

If you'd like to email the to-do to this person, check the "Email To-do" checkbox, and then press the Save button. 

If this person also uses NoteSuite, and you entered this person's NoteSuite email address in the Email field (as described above), the to-do will appear on their to-do list automatically when they retrieve their email.

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