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Last Updated: Jun 25, 2013 03:19PM CDT

You can place the note or document you're working on in your Dropbox account by choosing "Send to Dropbox" from the File menu while the file is selected in the directory. 

If you place a note in Dropbox, NoteSuite will ask you to choose whether you would like it formatted as Plain Text or PDF. Choose "PDF" if your note contains images or text formatting you'd like to preserve. Otherwise, "Plain Text" is the most compatible file format. 

If you have not yet set up your Dropbox account in NoteSuite, you'll see a screen that asks you for your login information. NoteSuite will then open your Internet browser so you can authorize your device directly with Dropbox. 

Dropbox makes it easy to share files you create in NoteSuite with other people. 

Just create a shared folder within your Dropbox folder. You can create shared folders on the Dropbox website, or on your Mac or PC. You will then see this shared folder in your Dropbox directory within NoteSuite. Now, you can either copy notes and documents from your NoteSuite directory into this shared folder or import notes and documents from your shared folder into NoteSuite. 

Once you've created a shared folder, Dropbox will let you invite the people you'd like to share it with. Once they've accepted your invitation, your shared folder will automatically appear in their Dropbox folder. 

Of course, if someone else invites you to share their Dropbox folder, the shared folder they've created will also appear in your Dropbox directory in NoteSuite, making it really easy to send files back and forth. 

More information about sharing folders on Dropbox is available on the Dropbox website.

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