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Last Updated: Aug 06, 2013 03:33PM CDT
NoteSuite's to-do module helps you track all your priorities and due dates. And, since your to-dos can be stored in the same notebook as your notes, documents, and web clips, the info needed to get many of these things done can now be collected with just a tap.
There are four ways to create to-dos in NoteSuite:
1. Enter to-dos directly on a to-do list.
2. Enter to-dos on a note, and press the "Make To-do" button
    to copy them to a to-do list.
3. Send to-dos by email directly to your to-do list, with
4. Use the Quick To-do option in the New Document menu
    any time. Use natural words to describe when it's due.
    NoteSuite will calculate the due date from what you type.
Once a to-do is entered, you can assign due dates, turn the to-do into a project by creating a sub-list, have NoteSuite alert you once it's time to get started on it, add the to-do to your calendar, attach notes and documents, assign the to-do to someone else, track the progress of a to-do or project, repeat the to-do automatically, and many other options.

Productivity Boosters
Five tips for using NoteSuite to stay on top of everything you need to do:
1. The Today List
The Today list always shows everything that's due today, of course. But, its real value is letting you know once it's time to get started on something. Let's say something is due two weeks from now, and you think it will take two days to complete. When assigning a due date in the Due Date box, have NoteSuite automatically calculate a start date by telling NoteSuite how many days you think it will take to complete the to-do. NoteSuite will then add this to-do to your Today list once it's time to get started. This way, your Today List is always the only place you need to look to see everything you should be working on right now.
2. Break it Down
The best way to get big things done is to break them down into smaller, manageable pieces. NoteSuite makes this really easy with its Sub-lists feature. Whenever you believe one of your to-dos will take more than one step to complete, create a sub-list for it either by pressing the Indent key or Sublist button. You can also create sub-lists inside sub-lists the same way. This way, you always know the next specific thing you can do to get something done.
3. Attach the Info
In many cases, the info needed to help you complete a to-do is already in your notebook. Just tap the Attach icon next to any to-do to attach it to your to-do. You can also attach entire folders and tags, too.
4. Email To-dos Directly to NoteSuite
We receive a lot of our to-dos through our email inbox. Very often, these emails also include documentation that's needed to get them done. You can send these items directly to your NoteSuite to-do list by forwarding the email to your NoteSuite email address and typing TD: at the beginning of the email's subject line. Feel free to include MS Word, PDF, Powerpoints, RTF files, Excel files, and images. NoteSuite will add these to your to-do list and automatically attach the included documents to the to-do. Even better, NoteSuite can automatically calculate the due date for the to-do if you add the word "due" followed by a description of when it's due (for example, "TD: Marketing Report due two weeks from Tuesday").
5. Create To-dos While Writing Notes
We receive a lot of our to-dos in meetings and lectures. To minimize disruption while taking notes, just type your to-do on the note and press the Make To-do button. This will instantly add it to your main to-do list. Feel free to include a description of when it's due, such as "Buy tickets three weeks from tomorrow." NoteSuite will automatically calculate the due date based on your words.

To-do Screen

The To-do screen has two parts:
1. The To-do Directory pane is where you select which to-do
    list to view. (See To Do Directory for more info.)
2. The To-do Lists pane shows the to-do list you've selected
    in the To-do Directory pane and lets you assign due dates
    and tags, attach notes, and assign a to-do to someone else.


Creating To-dos
To create a new to-do just tap the "Tap to enter a new to-do" and enter the to-do name. When entering a to-do name, you'll see a variety of options to the right of the to-do name. If you'd like to assign due dates or tags, attach notes, or assign the to-do to someone else, just tap the appropriate option.

You can arrange to-dos in any order you prefer. Just tap the Edit button in the main toolbar and drag the selection handles for any to-do where you'd like it to go. Note that you can't rearrange the order of to-dos when sorting by date.
 To sort To-dos by date, tap the date sort icon on the main toolbar.


Next Steps
The help sections called "To-do Toolbar" and the "To-do Directory" go into more detail about managing to-dos in NoteSuite. 

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