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Annotate PDFs

Last Updated: Jun 26, 2013 01:32PM CDT
NoteSuite offers many ways to annotate PDF files, including:
- Highlight text
- Strike-through and underline text
- Sketch and draw shapes
- Type anywhere
- Place photos
- Insert Comment Balloons
- Insert Bookmarks
You can view a list of all your text highlights in the Search menu, and jump to a specific highlight within your document by tapping its excerpt in the Search menu.
Your annotated PDF files can be shared through any of NoteSuite's Sharing options.

1. Highlight Text
Highlighting text in a NoteSuite PDF works just like highlighting text in the iBooks or Kindle apps.
To highlight text in a PDF, select the text by holding your finger on the text. Then, arrange the selection handles to cover the text you wish to highlight, and tap "Highlight" in the menu strip.
To view a list of all your highlights, tap the Search button in the main toolbar and choose "Show Highlights." This will display excerpts from each of your highlights, making it easy to jump to particular spots in your PDF.

2. Strike-through and Underline Text
To strike-through or underline text, select the text by holding your finger on the text. Then, arrange the selection handles to cover the text you wish to strike-through or underline. Then, tap either "Strike-through" or "Underline" from the menu strip.

3. Sketch and Draw Shapes
To sketch or draw shapes, lines, and arrows on a PDF, select either the Sketch or Shapes buttons in the main toolbar. Then, sketch or draw on the PDF just as you would in a regular note. Just like sketching on notes, you can scroll PDFs while sketching by swiping up or down with two fingers simultaneously.

4. Type Anywhere
To place a text box anywhere on a PDF, select the Text tool in the main toolbar. Then, press and hold where you'd like the text box to go and tap "New Text Box" in the menu strip that pops up. (When selecting a location for your text box, be sure you're not pressing on top of existing text. If you need to place a text box on top of existing text, create the text box elsewhere and then drag it where it needs to go.)
Once your text box is placed, you can type within it, as well as change font, size, color, and style of all the text within the box.
To edit text you've already placed in a PDF, just tap on the text to select the text box. Then, tap on the text you'd like to edit.
While a text box is selected, you can re-size it by dragging its selection handles, as well as drag it to a different location within your PDF.

5. Place Photos
There are three ways to place photos on a PDF in NoteSuite:
1. Choose "Take Photo" from the Insert menu in the maintoolbar
2. Choose "Open Photo Library" from the Insert menu in themain toolbar
3. Copy and Paste the image
To paste an image you've copied, press and hold on the location in your PDF where you'd like the image to be placed. If there is an image ready to be copied, you will see a "Paste" option pop up on your screen.
Once an image is placed in a PDF, you can resize and move it by selecting the image and then either dragging the image elsewhere or dragging its selection handles to resize it.

6. Insert Comment Balloons
Annotating with comment balloons, rather than just typing on the page, keeps PDFs with many comments much cleaner. Choose "Insert Comment" from the Insert menu to place a comment balloon on a page, and then type your comment. The text within the comment balloon can be accessed in most PDF viewers by tapping on the comment balloon. Change the style of the balloon by tapping "Edit" in the balloon popover.

7. Insert Bookmarks
To bookmark locations within a PDF document, choose "Insert Bookmark" from the Insert menu. Your bookmarks can be viewed from the PDF menu in the toolbar. 

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