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Annotate Images

Last Updated: Jun 26, 2013 01:35PM CDT
You can sketch and type on images in NoteSuite just like you would sketch or type on a note. Just size and place the image on the notes page as you like. Then, choose either the Sketch or Text buttons on the toolbar to sketch or type on the image. Feel free to let your annotations flow across both the page and the image.
Images can be selected by tapping on them while the Text button is selected in the toolbar.
You can also edit an image by selecting the image and tapping the "Edit" button. This lets you draw within the image, or even erase parts of it.
You can share the image (via email, Dropbox, etc.) by selecting the image and choosing "Share" from the menu strip that pops up. NoteSuite will give you the choice of whether to share the raw image, or include text and drawings you've placed on top of the image (note that tapping the Edit button modifies the image itself, rather than separating your modifications from the image).
Text can wrap around images four ways:
Keep with Text pins the image to a specific line in adjacent text, so it stays with your text while you edit.

Inline keeps your text between paragraphs, even as you add more text to paragraphs above the image.

Square places your image in a fixed position within text, with the text wrapping around the image.

Behind places your image in a fixed position within text, with the text flowing on top of the image. This is useful for annotating images.

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