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iCloud Troubleshooting

Last Updated: Sep 18, 2014 12:06PM CDT

Nearly all issues with iCloud syncing are due to one of the following:

1. Your Mac or iPad has turned off one of the four iCloud settings on each device without your knowledge.

2. You are logged into different iCloud accounts on each device.

3. There is a problem with Apple's iCloud "Documents and Data" software. (This software is called "iCloud Drive" in iOS 8.)

Third-party apps, like NoteSuite, must sync through a different iCloud container than your Contacts and Calendars apps. So, it is possible that apps within iCloud's Documents & Data / iCloud Drive sections will not sync, even if your Contacts and Calendars are syncing.


1. Fully restart the device that’s not syncing. On iPad, be sure to hold down the power button for at least five seconds and then fully shut it off. On Mac, choose “Restart” from the Apple menu.

2. Make sure all three of the following settings are turned On within your iPad’s Settings app: iCloud, Documents & Data (which is called "iCloud Drive" in iOS 8), and the NoteSuite entry within Documents & Data (or "iCloud Drive" in iOS 8).

- Open the iPad’s Settings app
- Choose “iCloud”
- Verify the account name shown in “Account” is the correct account
- Verify that “Documents & Data” (called "iCloud Drive" in iOS 8) is turned On
- Tap on Documents & Data (or, "iCloud Drive" in iOS 8), and verify that “NoteSuite” is turned On.

3. Make sure all three of the following settings are turned On within your Mac’s iCloud System Preferences: iCloud, Documents & Data, NoteSuite.

- Choose “System Preferences” from the Apple menu
- Click on the iCloud icon
- Verify that the name of your iCloud account is showing below the iCloud icon in the left pane
- Verify that “Documents & Data” is turned on in the right pane
- Click on the “Options” button next to Documents & Data and verify that “” is turned on.

4. Make sure that iCloud is enabled within NoteSuite on both devices.

- Open NoteSuite on your iPad, tap on the Settings tab, and verify that iCloud is turned On
- Open NoteSuite on your Mac, choose “Preferences” from the “NoteSuite” menu, and verify that “Enable iCloud” is turned On

If you are still experiencing syncing issues after restarting your device and verifying all of the above, the next step will be to reset iCloud, or parts of iCloud, on your device to resolve syncing bugs within Apple’s iCloud software.

5. Reset your iPad’s iCloud Documents & Data (called "iCloud Drive" in iOS 8)

- Force-quit the NoteSuite app by double-tapping your iPad’s Home button, then finding NoteSuite among the scrolling list of apps that will now be displayed, and then swiping up on NoteSuite to remove it from the list.
- Open your iPad’s Settings app
- Choose “iCloud”
- Turn the Documents & Data (called "iCloud Drive") switch at the top of your screen to Off. (Note that there is also a separate switch for NoteSuite. It is sometimes possible to re-set Documents & Data just for one app, but often requires re-setting the main Documents & Data switch for your iPad.)
- With your Documents & Data (or "iCloud Drive") switch still set to Off, exit the Settings app and fully shut down your iPad by holding down on the power button for 5 seconds.
- After your iPad shuts off, wait a few seconds and turn your iPad back on
- Open the Settings app and turn Documents & Data (or "iCloud Drive") back on.
- Wait for 4-5 minutes to let iCloud get things turned back on.
- Open NoteSuite and be sure “Enable iCloud” is turned on within NoteSuite’s settings.

6. Reset your Mac’s iCloud Documents & Data

- Quit the NoteSuite app by choosing “Quit” from the “NoteSuite” menu
- Choose “System Preferences” from the Apple menu
- Click on the iCloud icon
- Click on the checkbox next to “Documents & Data” in the right pane to turn Documents & Data off
- Quit the System Preference app
- Restart your Mac by choosing “Restart” from the Apple menu
- Open your Mac's System Preferences and turn "Documents & Data" back on.

At this point, try opening NoteSuite on both devices, verify that iCloud is enabled, and then try to sync. While iCloud usually syncs within just a few seconds, there are times when it can take iCloud 10-15 minutes.

If this does not work, you can try reseting Documents and Data from within iCloud itself using Apple’s procedure outlined on their support page:

If none of the above works, try resetting iCloud itself within the Settings apps on your iPad and Mac by following the same directions listed above for resetting Documents & Data. But, instead of turning off the Documents and Data switch:
- On iPad, tap the "Delete Account" button (this only logs you out of your iCloud account -- it doesn't actually delete the iCloud account itself)
- On Mac, click the "Sign Out" button.

Be sure to fully shut off your devices after turning off iCloud. Then, turn them back on and re-log into iCloud.

If following all of these steps fails to resolve the issue, please email our tech support team.


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