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Yosemite (OS X.10) Troubleshooting

Last Updated: Aug 25, 2014 10:08AM CDT
In the strongest possible terms, we very strongly suggest that you never, under any circumstance, ever use any Beta version of any operating system for your actual work or real data. At some point, you will almost certainly encounter apps that won't work, data that gets permanently lost, or situations from which you cannot recover. This is true of operating systems from Apple, Microsoft, and Google for both desktop and mobile devices, and it creates situations over which app developers have no control.

BETA OPERATING SYSTEMS HAVE BUGS!!! This is not the fault of the app developer. Further, in most cases, the app developer cannot fix these bugs, because these bugs exist in the operating system -- not the app.

If you really want to try Yosemite before its "Gold Master" release, we suggest you install Yosemite on a separate partition, and we strongly encourage you not to use your primary iCloud account. This will give you the opportunity to play with Yosemite without risking permanent, unrecoverable damage to your real data. Instructions are available at:

Our internal testing shows that NoteSuite is already compatible with Yosemite. However, in Yosemite, Apple has changed the way iCloud works. The setting formerly called "iCloud Documents & Data" is now called "iCloud Drive." If you were previously syncing your NoteSuite data through iCloud, Apple requires that you activate iCloud Drive before NoteSuite will have access to your NoteSuite data in Yosemite. 

IMPORTANT: Once you activate iCloud Drive, you can no longer use your iCloud account with iOS 7 or Mac OS X.9 (Mavericks) on any of your devices. Therefore, if you activate iCloud Drive on any of your devices, you must update ALL of your devices to Mac OS X.10 (Yosemite) and iOS 8.

You can activate iCloud Drive either during the initial Yosemite setup, or from the iCloud button in your System Preferences.

Also, before upgrading to Yosemite, we suggest making a copy of your NoteSuite iCloud data that is stored locally on your device. You can do this as follows:

1. Hold down the OPTION key, and choose "Library" from your Mac's Go menu.
2. Open the folder called "Mobile Documents"
3. Copy all the contents of the folder called "QGB2EYAJFK~com~theoryio~projectbook" to a safe location. This folder contains all of your NoteSuite data, as stored in iCloud.

Additionally, while NoteSuite appears to work fine with iCloud Drive, we have noticed a number of bugs in Apple's implementation of iCloud Drive. There are times when iCloud Drive will not download your data for many hours (in a couple cases, we saw this take more than a day). Further, some iCloud Drive performance has been erratic. These are bugs in Yosemite and Apple's Beta iCloud Drive software -- they are not problems with NoteSuite. And, these problems can only be resolved by Apple.

Also, please be aware that iCloud Drive is separate from your Contacts, Calendars, and other Apple apps. We have seen many situations when Contacts, Calendars, and other Apple apps synced data without issues in Yosemite, but iCloud Drive did not sync data for any non-Apple app. Again, these are not bugs in NoteSuite. These are issues with iCloud and Yosemite, and they are to be expected if you are running a Beta operating system.


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