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Mac Not Syncing After iOS 8 Upgrade

Last Updated: Sep 22, 2014 06:27PM CDT
If you are unable to sync between Mac and iPad after upgrading to iOS 8, be sure to follow each of the steps in the iCloud Troubleshooting section on this website. Some users have reported they needed to reset iCloud or reset their iCloud "Documents & Data" to get iCloud to function correctly after upgrading to iOS 8.

If you are still unable to sync between your Mac and iPad after following the iCloud Troubleshooting steps posted on elsewhere on this website, it is likely that you may have updated to "iCloud Drive" during the installation of iOS 8. As Apple describes during the iOS 8 installation process, choosing to upgrade to iCloud Drive will cause any data stored in iCloud not to be available on your Mac until Apple releases Mac OS X Yosemite.

Unfortunately, it is impossible for apps made by any third-party developer (like us) to get access to your data in iCloud from your Mac once you have upgraded to iCloud Drive because the software needed to access iCloud Drive data is not included in the current versions of the Mac OS X operating systems. 

Also, reverting back to iOS 7 on your iPad will not fix the problem since Apple changes the format of your data in iCloud when you upgrade to iCloud Drive.

So, at this point, it appears you have three options:

1. Wait until Apple releases Mac OS X Yosemite, at which time all your NoteSuite data stored in iCloud will automatically become visible again on your Mac.


2. Upgrade now to a Beta version of Mac OS X Yosemite. However, please be aware that Beta versions of operating systems have numerous defects that could cause data loss, and other serious issues.


3. Switch to a different iCloud account that has not yet upgraded to iCloud Drive. NoteSuite lets you transfer data from one iCloud account to another by following these steps:

   a. Turn off "Enable iCloud" within NoteSuite's settings. This will transfer all your NoteSuite data from the iCloud servers back to your iPad. Wait until NoteSuite has finished this process. Then, "force quit" the NoteSuite app by double-tapping the iPad's Home button and swiping up on the NoteSuite image in the Fast-App Switcher.

   b. From your iPad's Settings app, sign out of your current iCloud account. Then, wait at least 10 minutes, and sign into a different iCloud account that has not been upgraded to iCloud Drive. Wait another 10 minutes after doing this before proceeding to the next step.

   c. Open the NoteSuite app on your iPad and turn on "Enable iCloud" within NoteSuite's settings. This will transfer all your NoteSuite data to the new iCloud account.

   d. Switch to the new iCloud account on your Mac, as well.

NoteSuite should now sync correctly between your Mac and iPad.

If you choose not to switch iCloud accounts or upgrade to Yosemite now, please know that NoteSuite will continue saving all your iPad data to the iCloud servers as long as "Enable iCloud" is turned on within NoteSuite's settings (even if you upgraded to iCloud Drive). However, data you enter on your Mac will likely not be saved in the iCloud servers until you upgrade to Mac OS X Yosemite.

We are truly very sorry about this situation and wish that there was something more we could do. But, unfortunately, this entire issue is in Apple's hands.

I've attached the iCloud Drive upgrade screen from the iOS 8 installer, in case it is helpful.

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