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Removing NoteSuite from Your Mac

Last Updated: May 16, 2016 12:17PM CDT
NoteSuite stores application components in three places:
     - The Applications folder on your Mac
     - The Containers folder in each user's Library
     - The Group Containers folder in each user's Library

The NoteSuite application also includes the Web Clipper engine and Menu Bar app.

NoteSuite stores your notes (and other data) in one of two locations, depending whether you've enabled iCloud:

     - If you have not enabled iCloud, your data is stored in the "com.theoryio.notesuite" folder inside the Containers folder in the user's Library (the full path is: Library>Containers>com.theoryio.notesuite>Data>Library>NoteSuite>Notes)

     - If you have enabled iCloud, your NoteSuite data is stored in the iCloud Drive/Mobile Documents folder inside the user's Library in a folder called "Projectbook." Here is the full path: Library>Mobile Documents>QGB2EYAJFK~com~theoryio~projectbook

Follow these steps to remove all the NoteSuite application components and user data from your Mac. Keep in mind that this will also delete all your NoteSuite

1. Hold down the Option key while selecting "Library" from the "Go" menu in the Mac menu bar.

2. Open the "Containers" folder and drag all of the following folders to your trash can (note that some of these folders may have already been removed from your Containers folder):

     - com.theoryio.notesuite
     - com.theoryio.ntsmenubar

3. Close the "Containers" folder by clicking the Back button in the Containers window and open the "Group Containers" folder. Drag any of the following folders to the trash:

     - com.theoryio.notesuite
     - com.theoryio.ntsmenubar

4. Choose "Applications" from your Mac menu bar's "Go" menu, and drag the NoteSuite application to your trash.

5. Empty your trash.

6. Additionally, if you wish to delete your NoteSuite notes stored in iCloud, you can do so with the following steps:

     a. Choose "iCloud" from your Mac's system preferences.
     b. Click the Manage button in the bottom right of the iCloud frame.
     c. Click on "NoteSuite" in the Manage Storage window.
     d. Click the "Delete Documents and Data" button while NoteSuite is selected.

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